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I may wear clothes and accessories made and sold all over the world, including Asia, but I’m definitely one of the first to say that portuguese products are good. Really good.
If it seems that I don’t support portuguese brands very often it’s mostly because portuguese brands are not ready to support us yet. Anyway, luckly there are exceptions (and I’ve shown you a few). Today I present you another one.
I got to know Nina Moniz da Maia Handbags on the beggining of the blog and I immediately became a fan. Their bags were out of this world, so classy! There weren’t any “exchange of favours”, any freebies or anything like that, but we supported each other from the very beggining.
Until one day I decided to go and check out the brand, their products and the people behind the brand in person and my admiration got even bigger. I can actually say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in this context and that a friendship was born. Nina takes care of everything to the last detail and she puts her soul on her brand. This won’t be the last you hear from this collaboration, for sure 🙂
I couldn’t be any more happy or proud of my Vittoria bag.

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